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Timely Fashion Statements

By some estimates, 92% of Americans own cellphones. Perhaps not so coincidentally, only 42 million Americans purchased wristwatches for themselves in 2011, which is a decrease from the 55 million watches purchased in 2004. It seems that cellphones have somewhat replaced watches as time-telling devices. However, this hardly means that wristwatches are totally out of favor. In fact, watches are again becoming increasingly popular as manufacturers have recently switched from utilitarian watches to watches that make fashion statements. The most popular of these are nostalgia-inducing timepieces that remind people of the watches they used to wear in childhood. From there, interest turns toward vintage and classic timepieces. These new styles are worn to make personal statements, whatever the time.

Your wristwatch says a lot about you. This is one item of jewelry that you will see on men and women, young and old, and you will observe that each person expresses his or her true style with these timepieces. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is located at 127 West Main St. Call us at 704-982-1013, and allow us to assist you.  This is the place to mark the meaningful moments of your life!

P.S. Some of the most popular styles among today’s fashion wristwatches are sporty watches with citrus-colored dials and bands.

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