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Playing With Fire

Opal, the modern birthstone for October, owes its variable interplay of internal colors to its unique composition of silica (a form of quartz) and water (6%-10%). As light passes through the spheres of silica, it “refracts,” resulting in the remarkable play of rainbow colors for which the opal is renown. Opals with a black or dark gray background provide the most brilliant displays of colors. Black opal with red, orange, and violet flashes tends to be the most desirable. White or milky opals show more diffuse colors. About 95% of the world’s precious opal comes from Australia. Perhaps the most famous of the Australian Opal Fields is Lightning Ridge, where the desirable black opal is mainly found.

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P.S. Opal is a relatively delicate gemstone that should never be cleaned in a sonic cleaner.

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