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When a certain young, billionaire, Internet social-network mogul decided to give his fiancée a beautifully tasteful ruby engagement ring, many mistook its simplicity for frugality. After all, as the media wags surmised, wouldn’t a diamond be more appropriately expensive? The short answer is no. The fact is that high-quality rubies can be far more rare and valuable than most diamonds. As far as the 2.75- to 3-carat ruby in question, if it’s of high-quality Burmese pedigree, it could easily be worth up to $100,000. Furthermore, the medical-school-graduate recipient of the ruby in question is of Asian descent. Her culture places high emotional value on rubies for their unparalleled red color. Rubies also symbolize wisdom. We agree with the wise choice!

The intense reds of a ruby ring burn with an undying passion making it a beautiful and lavish gift that will never be forgotten. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is located at 127 West Main St. where our professional staff will work with you to make sure you have the best buying experience possible. Contact our store at 704-982-1013. We will make your visits enjoyable and relaxing.

P.S. The ideal color for a ruby is an intense, rich crimson without being too light or too dark.

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