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The Radiant Look

By combining the sophisticated shape of an emerald-cut diamond with the brilliance of a round-cut diamond, a radiant-cut diamond provides the best characteristics of both. The traditional step-cut design of an emerald-cut diamond may appear lackluster to some, but a radiant-cut diamond puts its 70 facets to use to create great sparkle. Whereas the emerald cut displays long, trim lines, the radiant cut exhibits faceted fire, with its “kaleidoscopic” effect producing more “points of light” reflected within the diamond. Radiant-cut diamonds are also less likely to show internal flaws, although the “Four C’s” of diamond buying (Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity) still apply. Radiant-cut diamonds are currently very popular choices for engagement rings, either as solitaires or with accent stones.

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P.S. The radiant-cut diamond is either a square or rectangular gemstone with cut corners.

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