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The Honey-Colored Gemstone

Aside from the fact that they are both regarded as birthstones for the month of November, citrine and topaz have much in common. Citrine has been alternately referred to as “gold topaz,” “Madeira,” or “Spanish topaz,” but it is actually a member of the quartz family. While its name is derived from the yellow color of lemon, citrine is actually a warmer honeyed color that evokes the feeling of the enduring glow of an autumn evening. Whereas other yellow gemstones may have tinges of green, citrine’s color can range from lemon yellow to a honeyed reddish brown. Apart from displaying colors that are very much in fashion, citrine is a durable gemstone that can withstand the knocks of everyday wear.

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P.S. Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind,” with an ability to increase psychic powers.

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