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The Diamond For Romantics

If you are constantly drawn to estate sale jewelry, you should know that a modern diamond with a certain cut can fulfill your romantic vision. The “cushion” cut is an antique cut that essentially combines the Old Mine Cut (popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) with a modern oval cut. Sometimes referred to as the “pillow” cut, it has the sensual shape of its namesake, with rounded corners and puffed sides. While this cut may not be as brilliant as a round brilliant, it may exhibit more fire and has a classic look that stands out in a crowd. The relatively large open facets on cushion-cut diamonds invite the selection of diamonds of high clarity and color.

Tremendously popular over a century ago, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming chic again in modern rings. Attention is often directed towards the cushion cut’s sensual shape and subtle sparkle.  If you are planning to buy a diamond then STARNES MASTER JEWELERS understands its importance and our staff will make your diamond buying a more easy and enjoyable experience. Browse our diamond jewelry selection located at 127 West Main St. or contact our store at 704-982-1013. Symbolize your lasting love and indulge her in dazzling diamonds at fantastic prices!


P.S. The cushion cut, the most popular choice for diamonds up until the early 20th century, was the round brilliant of its day and is currently enjoying an upsurge in interest.

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