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Watches Available for Him

It is no secret that nearly all men love wristwatches, which combine precision, utility, and beauty in a very alluring package. Going one step further, men particularly love sport and other watches that are specifically designed to improve, clarify, or register performance in their chosen fields of endeavor. Aviators love chronographs; runners love watches with lap counters and heart monitors. Boaters, swimmers, fishermen, kayakers, divers, and other water-sports enthusiasts love water-resistant watches.  Interestingly, many golfers, surfers, and other sportsmen are also gravitating toward a design change that involves moving the crown to the left side of wristwatches to avoid  “wrist bite” (irritation caused by the protruding time-setting button as it rubs against the skin).

There is a wide assortment of men’s trendy watches. A wrist watch is the best accessory for men and it looks so stylish as well as it fulfills the needs of punctuality. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is conveniently located at 127 West Main St. where our professional and knowledgeable staff will work with you to make sure you have the best buying experience possible. With so many watch styles to choose from, you’ll want one of each. Call us at 704-982-1013, and allow us to assist you.

P.S. The numbers scale (known as a “tachymeter”) inscribed on the outer bezel of many men’s sports watches can be used to compute speed based on travel time over a fixed distance travelled.

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