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It makes eminent sense that the gemstone known for its unparalleled green color should be the birthstone for May, often called the greenest month of the year. Unlike the blue variety of beryl, aquamarine, emerald does not appear as a perfect, flawless crystal. Emeralds are known for their “inclusions,” which are small fractures and other imperfections in the green crystal that are valued for giving emerald its personality and character. Taken as a whole, these inclusions are referred to as “jardins” (French for “gardens”), which continues the play upon the green theme. When viewed without magnification, the inclusions take on the velvety appearance of a lush garden as light is diffused throughout the internal structure of this fabulous gemstone.

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P.S. An included emerald with a deep, lively green color is worth more than a nearly flawless emerald of paler hue.

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