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Serpents are among the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, often evoking the duality of good and evil, poison and medicine, fertility and rebirth. The fact that snakes represented passion and desire was hardly lost on historical figures ranging from Eve to Cleopatra, and even Queen Victoria, whose engagement ring was the golden representation of a snake with an emerald-set head. Today, whether coiled in ring form or wrapped around the wrist or upper arm, the serpent motif is treasured for its ability to incite raised whispers and stimulate desire. Any women with a classic mindset and a penchant for the unusual may want to turn her attention to serpent-inspired pieces that are sure to draw attention.

The Chinese New Year started February 10, and according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Serpent-inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces have slithered their way into STARNES MASTER JEWELERS located at 127 West Main St. When it comes to animalistic jewelry, few styles are as enthralling as snake-inspired pieces. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in purchasing a snake-inspired piece to add to your collection.

P.S. A snake ring or bracelet featuring a snake consuming its own tail is a symbol of eternity.

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