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Meet Gene Starnes

genestarnesWelcome To “Starnes Rocks”

This is our blog website. Here we post announcements, inform you of special events, keep you up to date on the weddings in our area and, most importantly, we hear from you.

I want to encourage you to respond to our postings. Let us know of events in the area that we may not have listed. Tell us how we can better serve you. Let us know about your experiences at Starnes Jewelers.

The Starnes Story About Albemarle Jewelry

It all started over 100 years ago when a young man, upon stopping to repair a bicycle tire, noticed an old horseshoe lying on the side of the road near Albemarle in Stanly County, North Carolina. F. E. Starnes, the store founder, picked it up and kept it for good luck. That horseshoe is still at Starnes Jewelry Store. The business has flourished ever since.

The Starnes and Parker families erected a building in the downtown commercial district of Albemarle in 1907 with two businesses downstairs and an opera house upstairs. One of these businesses, Starnes Jewelers, has been continuously operated by the Starnes family since the building was erected.

The elegant Albemarle Opera House seated 800 people and was a center for entertainment. People came from miles around to view plays, concerts, traveling minstrel shows and vaudeville.

One Response to “Meet Gene Starnes”

  • Christopher Little:

    Thank you!!!
    My Wife and I stopped by Starnes Jewelry today to get her Bulova watch battery replaced. This watch was given to her for our 28th Anniversary. We didn’t want to trust this to an inexperienced bog box store, so we came into Starnes for the 1st time and were very impressed.

    Going into the store reminded both of us when we were young and McLellan’s, Belk’s, Pennies [as it was called by my Mother], Rose Department, and Rayless Shoes to name a few were popular downtown stables of the community.

    Both of the store clerks were very friendly and Mr. Starnes himself came out and greeted us. One of the Ladies gave us a great history tour of the building and how much of the towns theater arts were done in the Opera House located upstairs.

    I was thankful a 5.00 battery went out on my Wife’s watch; Had it not, then I would have missed this downtown treasure. At least now I know where small town charm, hospitality and convenient prices meet. It meets uptown in Albemarle at Starnes jewelers.

    Chris and Robbie Little

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