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columnlogoCutting Edges

The “brilliant cut” is the most popular cut for diamonds and other colorless stones because it ensures that maximum light will be reflected out through the front of the gemstone. Variations on the outline result in the oval and boat-shaped marquise. Colored stones, on the other hand, are often shown to their best advantage with the “step cut,” with its rectangular or square table facet and girdle and parallel rectangular facets. The corners of fragile stones may be removed to create octagonal stones. Mixed cuts are stones that are usually rounded in outline, with the crowns (above the girdle) cut as brilliants and the pavilions (below the girdle) step cut. Many sapphires and rubies are cut in this style.

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P.S. A  gemstone’s cut and its shape are two different things.

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columnlogoDiamond Jewelry With A Vintage Look

Vintage-inspired diamond jewelry has always been popular, and the passion for these pieces shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Signature designs of the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras are particularly embraced, especially the intricate scrollwork and architectural designs of Art Deco jewelry and the floral romance of Victorian-style necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This enthusiasm has given a boost to the appeal of “rose cut” diamonds, which first became popular in the mid-16th century. The basic rose cut has a flat base (no pavilion) and a crown composed of symmetrically arranged triangular facets (usually 12 or 24), which rise to form a point. Rose-cut diamonds are combined with brilliant-cut diamonds as complementary design elements.

Antique diamonds will always hold a unique, romantic quality. This makes them excellent investments and cherished heirlooms. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is a respected source for exquisite jewelry located at 127 West Main St. where you can shop for the widest selection of unique jewelry items and the most fabulous diamonds and gemstones. Contact us 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in purchasing vintage-inspired jewelry. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is anxious to work with you to make sure you have the best buying experience possible.

P.S. Although rose-cut diamonds may not sparkle as much as brilliant-cut diamonds, they appear to be twice as big (because they are shallow) and exude much of the calm natural beauty of an uncut diamond.

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columnlogoGet Real

When it comes to diamonds, you can have a natural mineral that was produced billions of years ago, or you can choose one produced via “Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition.” The latter type of diamond with the decidedly unromantic name is a synthetic diamond produced by layering carbon atoms on a diamond “seed,” which is a process that speeds up the diamond-making process to only a few months. Of course, there is nothing new about synthetic diamonds, which began to be developed in the 1950s, largely for industrial use. More recently, the technology has advanced to the point where synthetic diamonds have been deceitfully mixed with natural diamonds. This highlights the importance of attaining diamond certificates that ensure authenticity.

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P.S. Much of the romance surrounding diamonds has to do with the notion that ordinary carbon molecules can be transformed into a material with superlative physical qualities up to 120 miles beneath the surface of the earth and emerge to grace a woman’s hand.

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columnlogoWhich “C” Comes First?

You are probably already familiar with the “4 C’s” (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight) of diamond buying, the primary factors used to evaluate a diamond.  If so, you might have wondered if one factor takes precedence over the others. Cut, which is more a measure of workmanship than the diamond’s inherent qualities, should take precedence. The fact is that cut greatly influences sparkle and luminosity and can hide flaws. For instance, even a diamond with a nice color will appear lifeless and dull if not cut properly. On the other hand, a diamond with a midrange color rating of K will flash and sparkle when the cut is optimum. Therefore, choose a diamond with a very good cut.

Here at STARNES MASTER JEWELERS we will help you learn about diamonds, and give you the facts you need to make decisions when it’s time to shop for diamond jewelry. Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring to pop the question or a necklace and earrings to show her how much you care we can help you find the perfect jewelry. Our store is located at 127 West Main St. where you can to shop for the widest selection of unique jewelry items and the most exquisite diamonds and gemstones. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in purchasing quality diamond jewelry.

P.S. Once preference of cut is determined, balance color, clarity, and carat weight on the basis of personal preference to get the diamond that best fits into your budget.

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columnlogoLiving In The Moment

While a diamond solitaire ring worn on a woman’s fourth finger of her left hand hardly needs explanation, a diamond ring worn on the corresponding finger of the right hand sometimes raises questions. All you need to know about “right-hand rings” can be found in the hearts and minds of the single women who wear them as a sign of their independence and fulfillment. As the saying goes, “Your left hand lives for love. Your right hand lives for the moment.” Right-hand rings, which are typically encrusted with several small diamonds, declare that the wearer is both available and happy. In order to be loved, you must first love yourself. A right-hand ring is a symbol of self-confidence.

As a reward for your determination, a righthand diamond ring is a ring that you buy for yourself. It signifies your freedom and your good fortune in life. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is located at 127 West Main St. where you will find passionate, mesmerizing and stylish diamonds. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in crafting the one of a kind right hand ring. Our experience, skill and knowledge will help you make a confident purchase.

P.S. Right-hand rings are designed more like cocktail rings than engagement rings, which helps wearers express their individuality.

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columnlogoThe Halo Effect

No matter what the budget, we always seem to want a diamond that is bigger than we can afford. For those wanting to get the most value and excitement for the money spent, there is the “halo setting,” which visually optimizes the look of any diamond. This setting first became popular in engagement and bridal jewelry after World War I, when the bold and opulent Art Deco aesthetic arose as a reaction to wartime hardship. Halo settings feature a single large center diamond surrounded by a border of smaller stones, which serve to visually expand the look of the central diamond. In effect, the halo setting tricks the eye into believing that the diamond is larger than it actually is.

Enhance or create the perfect engagement ring with a custom diamond halo setting. STARNES MASTER JEWELERS is located at 127 West Main St. where you will find passionate, mesmerizing and stylish diamonds. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in crafting the one of a kind engagement ring for your once in a lifetime love. Our experience, skill and knowledge will help you make a confident purchase.

P.S. The preferred choice for the central diamond in a halo setting is a round brilliant, but square, pear-shaped, and cushion-cut diamonds are also quite suitable.

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From Here To Eternity

The popularity of diamond “eternity rings” seems likely to go on unabated for, well, eternity. These rings remain immense favorites because they are both understated and luxurious. Their name is derived from the fact that the slender gold, white gold, or platinum bands are encrusted with a row of diamonds, usually set pavé, all the way around. Symbolizing the eternal circle of love and life, eternity rings are a favorite wedding-band selection. The beauty of their design also allows eternity rings to be stacked on the finger, which has led to their popularity as gifts for anniversaries and other special moments in couples’ lives. With each diamond ring stacked upon the next, thoughts of eternal love become ever stronger.

Eternity rings are symbols of love, commitment, romance and eternity. They are the perfect way to express your love. Not only do they look beautiful from any angle, they also make ideal wedding bands to accompany an engagement ring.  At STARNES MASTER JEWELERS you will find exquisite eternity diamond rings. Come explore all we have to offer at 127 West Main St. or call us at 704-982-1013. We have a number of different diamond eternity ring styles that have a wonderful regal quality about them and are truly breathtaking.

P.S. Try sandwiching a blue sapphire or ruby eternity ring in between two diamond eternity rings  for a gorgeous effect.

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Feel The Tension

Diamond Rings

Jewelry designers have made widespread use of pronged settings, which firmly hold diamond solitaires in place with four to six slender metal clasps. This most popularly used setting for engagement rings allows the gemstone to bathe in sunlight and sparkle. There is another type of setting, known as the “tension” setting, which utilizes even less metal to hold the diamond in place. In effect, the tension-set ring acts as a spring that holds the gemstone securely at only two points without any metal bridging the gap where the diamond is held. As a result, the gemstone seems to hang in midair. Because light enters the diamond from all angles, the gemstone sparkles more than a pronged setting would allow.

Shop a wide assortment of tension set rings at STARNES MASTER JEWELERS to find the perfect modern ring for you! We have an array of settings to choose from at 127 West Main St. One of which will match your style to perfection. Whichever you choose, your ring will be a beautiful reflection of you. Contact our store at 704-982-1013 for more information on ring settings.

P.S. Generally speaking, tension rings use two to three times the metal that a traditional ring requires to make it strong enough to hold the diamond securely.

The Diamond Inspired By a Kiss

 The Marquise Diamond Cut

To most people, the “marquise” is the most elegant of diamond cuts. To France’s King Louis XV, it was the gemological representation of his mistress’ perfectly shaped mouth. Hence, this diamond cut is named after Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, who remained a chief member of the king’s court until her death. Whether or not this romantic historical backdrop plays any role in the selection of a marquise-cut diamond,  many simply find its long, narrow shape most attractive. From a more practical standpoint, the marquise cut quite simply represents great value because it possesses one of the largest crown surfaces of any diamond shape. Thus, its perceived size is larger than the diamond actually is.

The Marquise diamond cut is a royal, elongated shape with tapering points at both ends. Its shape will flatter your finger, making it appear longer. Come into STARNES MASTER JEWELERS located at 127 West Main St., or call us at 704-982-1013, and allow us to assist you.  Our diamond collection contains virtually any shape and size imaginable. We bring you all the qualities, sizes, and shapes of diamonds at value prices.

P.S. The elongated shape of the marquise-cut diamond serves to make the wearer’s finger look longer and slimmer.