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News & Views | Our Holiday Newsletter

Read our Holiday Newsletter

Click here for a copy of the PDF version.


Click here for a copy of the PDF version.

News & Views | Our November Newsletter

Welcome to our November Newsletter

Gold for the Holidays

Click here to get a pdf file.

2016novAt Starnes, we have just the right gift for that special someone.

News & Views – Our October Newsletter

Starnes Jewelry Newsletter

Here is our October 2016 Newsletter. Click here or on the image to get a PDF copy that you can print.

Bridal jewelry and birth stonesVisit our store today!

September Newsletter

Gems and Geometric Designs for Jewelry

Read about that and more in our September, 2016, newsletter.

News on gems and other jewelry

Click here for a PDF copy of our newsletter.

August 2016 Newsletter

Trendsetting Jewelry

See what’s hot in jewelry. Then visit our store to choose your trendsetting jewelry. Click here to get a pdf file of our newsletter.


July 2016 Newsletter

Big Gold!

Designers are making gold jewelry more affordable. Learn how in the July newsletter. Click here for a PDF file.


June 2016 Newsletter

Jewelry Newsletter for June

Learn about matching multiple rings, June birthstones and everyday jewelry. Click here for the pdf file.


May 2016 Newsletter

Springtime Jewelry from Starnes.

Read our May 2016 newsletter. Click here for a PDF file.


April Newsletter

Jewelry News

Stackable Rings and Stackable Bangles

Our April newsletter has some interesting stories in it. To read them click here.


March Newsletter

Heirloom Designs for Rings, Necklaces and More

Take a look at our Newsletter for March. Click here to get a pdf copy.