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Gem Talk for Valentine’s Day


Heart Shaped Diamonds

The heart-shaped diamond is considered to be the most romantic of all diamond shapes for obvious reasons. However, when selecting a heart-shaped diamond, it is important to set emotions aside and give careful consideration to several important factors. In essence, a heart-shaped diamond is a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. It should have clearly defined round lobes as well as good symmetry, shape definition, and outline. To determine proportion, review the diamond’s length to width ratio and judge if the gemstone is too short (and fat), elongated, or evenly proportioned. Also bear in mind that “shape” and “cut” are two different matters. Cut is critically important when it comes to a heart-shaped diamond.

Heart-shaped diamond cuts are perfect for Valentine’s Day and highly recommended by Cupid for diamond earrings, diamond pendant necklaces, or as a center stone in a diamond engagement ring.  Come into STARNES MASTER JEWELERS, located 127 West Main St. to uncover our wide and varied selection of jewelry sure to please. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and let us assist you in making a confident jewelry purchase.

P.S. Heart-shaped diamonds should be mounted in five-prong settings with two at the lobes of the heart, two on the sides of the heart, and a V-shaped prong at the point.

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