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Those born in October have a very pleasant decision to make. One of their birthstones, tourmaline, comes in a greater range of colors than any other gemstone. Just to confuse the issue a bit, each has a separate name, including rubellite (pink, red); dravite (brown); and siberite (violet). Watermelon tourmaline, as its name suggests, can be composed of two or three colors (green, white, and pink), which suggests the rind and inner colors of its namesake. However, perhaps the most popular color among jewelry designers is blue. Indicolite possesses a deep, rich blue that approaches neon in its intensity. Because the stone appears darker as one looks at it through the crystal, a good cut can have great influence.

P.S. Rubellite, the red variety of tourmaline, is only one of three gemstones (the others are ruby and red spinel) that occurs in a true deep red.

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