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Starnes Newsletter September 2018

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April Newsletter

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Stackable Rings and Stackable Bangles

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December News & Views

Holiday Jewelry Gift Combos

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January 2014 News & Views

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Diamonds for Christmas

You can make this Christmas one that will never be forgotten with diamonds from Starnes.


Give the gift of love with diamonds from Starnes Jewelers in Albemarle.

Jabel for Christmas

Jabel Diamonds


Diamonds for a Christmas to remember

December 2013 News & Views

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Gem Talk

columnlogoPaving The Way

One trend surging in popularity is the widespread use of pavé-set diamonds in diamond engagement rings. As the name implies, “pavé” (which is the past participle of the French verb “to pave”) involves setting small diamonds so closely together that they visually meld together. As a result, much like cobblestones arranged on an old city street, there seems to be a continuous band of gemstones. In actuality, each diamond is separated by a small amount of metal, but the gemstones fit so closely together that the separation of metal appears invisible to the naked eye. Jewelers use this design to generate a great effect by surrounding a diamond solitaire with pavé diamonds to make it appear larger.

P.S. Pavé-set diamonds are often popularly displayed on the shanks of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Gem Talk

columnlogoCutting Edges

The “brilliant cut” is the most popular cut for diamonds and other colorless stones because it ensures that maximum light will be reflected out through the front of the gemstone. Variations on the outline result in the oval and boat-shaped marquise. Colored stones, on the other hand, are often shown to their best advantage with the “step cut,” with its rectangular or square table facet and girdle and parallel rectangular facets. The corners of fragile stones may be removed to create octagonal stones. Mixed cuts are stones that are usually rounded in outline, with the crowns (above the girdle) cut as brilliants and the pavilions (below the girdle) step cut. Many sapphires and rubies are cut in this style.

P.S. A  gemstone’s cut and its shape are two different things.