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Monthly Jewelry Special for April

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February Monthly Jewelry Special

Amethyst Sterling Pendant

Amethyst Sterling Pendant

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Meet The Gem Hunter

Gary W. Bowersox

Gary is back at Starnes Jewelers for three days only. From October 9th through October 11th, Gary will be at our store with interesting stories on his trips and great deals on the emeralds he has acquired from around the world. Learn more about The Gem Hunter here:


Gary W. Bowersox – The Gem Hunter

October 9th Through October 12th

Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter, is coming to Starnes on October 8th. He will be there for three days. Visit our store on these dates for special deals on a wide range of jewelry items from across the world. Learn more about The Gem Hunter here:

The Gem Hunter

Gary W. Bowersox is coming to Starnes on October 9, 10 and 11. Don’t miss the chance to get some wonderful deals on special gems from various places around the world.

Learn more here:

May 2014 News & Views

Read our May 2014 newsletter.

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columnlogoCutting Edges

The “brilliant cut” is the most popular cut for diamonds and other colorless stones because it ensures that maximum light will be reflected out through the front of the gemstone. Variations on the outline result in the oval and boat-shaped marquise. Colored stones, on the other hand, are often shown to their best advantage with the “step cut,” with its rectangular or square table facet and girdle and parallel rectangular facets. The corners of fragile stones may be removed to create octagonal stones. Mixed cuts are stones that are usually rounded in outline, with the crowns (above the girdle) cut as brilliants and the pavilions (below the girdle) step cut. Many sapphires and rubies are cut in this style.

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P.S. A  gemstone’s cut and its shape are two different things.

Gem Talk

columnlogoWhat’s Old is New

If the fashion runways are any indication, vintage jewelry (particularly Victorian-era style) is making a big splash. For those fortunate enough to already have antique pieces in their collections, this is very good news. They can choose to either wear their old jewelry as is or have it refurbished. Others may want to purchase estate jewelry or transfer gemstones from unused pieces into quality reproductions. This is a particularly good option for those with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other colored gemstones who want a quality antique setting befitting the value of their fine gemstones. Art Deco, one of the most popular and enduring of jewelry styles, has given birth to flamboyant and playful motifs that are truly worth exploring.

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P.S. White diamonds set in contrast with black onyx is one of the most defining statements of the Art Deco period.

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columnlogoCoiled And Ready To Strike

Serpents are among the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, often evoking the duality of good and evil, poison and medicine, fertility and rebirth. The fact that snakes represented passion and desire was hardly lost on historical figures ranging from Eve to Cleopatra, and even Queen Victoria, whose engagement ring was the golden representation of a snake with an emerald-set head. Today, whether coiled in ring form or wrapped around the wrist or upper arm, the serpent motif is treasured for its ability to incite raised whispers and stimulate desire. Any women with a classic mindset and a penchant for the unusual may want to turn her attention to serpent-inspired pieces that are sure to draw attention.

The Chinese New Year started February 10, and according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Serpent-inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces have slithered their way into STARNES MASTER JEWELERS located at 127 West Main St. When it comes to animalistic jewelry, few styles are as enthralling as snake-inspired pieces. Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in purchasing a snake-inspired piece to add to your collection.

P.S. A snake ring or bracelet featuring a snake consuming its own tail is a symbol of eternity.

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The Gorgeous Gemstone

It makes eminent sense that the gemstone known for its unparalleled green color should be the birthstone for May, often called the greenest month of the year. Unlike the blue variety of beryl, aquamarine, emerald does not appear as a perfect, flawless crystal. Emeralds are known for their “inclusions,” which are small fractures and other imperfections in the green crystal that are valued for giving emerald its personality and character. Taken as a whole, these inclusions are referred to as “jardins” (French for “gardens”), which continues the play upon the green theme. When viewed without magnification, the inclusions take on the velvety appearance of a lush garden as light is diffused throughout the internal structure of this fabulous gemstone.

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P.S. An included emerald with a deep, lively green color is worth more than a nearly flawless emerald of paler hue.