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Starnes Newsletter November 2018

High Fashion Metals

Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver

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Starnes November 2018 Newsletter

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News & Views- January 2017

Jewelry for the Arm

Bracelets and bangles of all shapes, sizes and colors.

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July 2016 Newsletter

Big Gold!

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November 2013 News & Views

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Gem Talk

columnlogoGold’s Warmer Side

Because pure 24-karat gold is too soft to be used in jewelry making, it must be alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness. At the same time, alloying also provides an opportunity to modify gold’s natural yellow hue to other lovely colors. For instance, by combining gold with small amounts of copper, pink gold is created. “Rose gold,” as it is otherwise known, is again back in fashion because its rich pink hue goes with virtually everything. Start with pink diamonds, topaz, and sapphire, and then run the gamut of red gemstones from rubies and pyrope to almandine and rubellite. Rose gold exudes a wonderfully warm glow that casts many jewelry pieces in their best light.

STARNES MASTER JEWELERS invites you to take a look around our rose gold jewelry and see if you find an item you truly adore. We have fantastic pieces just waiting to be worn. We carry a spectacular variety of designs and are fully confident that you will find a piece that suits you. Our store is located at 127 West Main St.where you will find that rose gold is a true joy to wear.Contact us at 704-982-1013 and allow us to assist you in purchasing a sophisticated piece of rose gold that blends timeless appeal and durability.

P.S. Rose gold is luxurious without being too flashy, and its bronze undertones make it a summer natural.

Ready To Uplink?


Classic gold-link chains will never go out of style. They have been worn since ancient times and continue to grace the necks of both sport- and fashion-minded women today. However, today’s gold links have an updated look that pays homage to their earlier counterparts while still making contemporary statements. For instance, there are oval gold links with slightly irregular shapes and lightly hammered surfacing that suggests that they are modeled after the Etruscan gold-link necklaces uncovered in an ancient Italian ruin. Others are desert-inspired coiled gold links with roughly hammered flat surfacing that recalls North African origins. From funky to geometrics to classic elegance, gold-link necklaces have a place in every jewelry wardrobe. Their understated versatility is unmatched.

You will find a wide selection of gold-link chains at STARNES MASTER JEWELERS where you can shop by color, stone, or length to find just the chain you’re looking for. Located at 127 West Main St. this is the place to mark the meaningful moments of your life! Call us at 704-982-1013, and allow us to assist you.

P.S. Toggle clasps, whose simplicity recalls the past and provides vintage flair, are all the rage in today’s updated gold-link necklaces.