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February Newsletter

Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Day a special event for your loved one!

Valentine's Day newsletter

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Albemarle Opera House

Opera House Talk

Don’t forget our tour on April 30th. Click here for more.


Opera House Tour and Talk in Albemarle

Opera House Tour and Talk


On April 30, 2016 The Friends of the Stanly County Public Library will host a talk by Lewis Bramlett, great-grandson of F. E. Starnes, Sr., one of the original owners of the building where the Opera House is located. His program will cover information about the origin of the Opera House, other occupants of the building, performances that were held during the glory days of the Opera House, and what has happened since the curtain came down for the last time. No program on the Albemarle Opera House would be complete without the mention of the ghosts that some people believe still linger.

Mr. Bramlett’s talk will start at The Gathering, 124 W. Main St. at 2:00 PM and then proceed for a tour of the Opera House located above Starnes Jewelers. Admission is free.

Pearls on Sale

Pearls in Many Forms


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Class Rings

Designer Class Rings

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Through October 7, 2015

Class rings

Meet The Gem Hunter

Gary W. Bowersox

Gary is back at Starnes Jewelers for three days only. From October 9th through October 11th, Gary will be at our store with interesting stories on his trips and great deals on the emeralds he has acquired from around the world. Learn more about The Gem Hunter here:


Gary W. Bowersox – The Gem Hunter

October 9th Through October 12th

Gary Bowersox, The Gem Hunter, is coming to Starnes on October 8th. He will be there for three days. Visit our store on these dates for special deals on a wide range of jewelry items from across the world. Learn more about The Gem Hunter here:

The Gem Hunter

Gary W. Bowersox is coming to Starnes on October 9, 10 and 11. Don’t miss the chance to get some wonderful deals on special gems from various places around the world.

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June 2014 – News & Views

Read our June 2014 newsletter.

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Gifts for Special Occasions

Jabel for Christmas

Jabel Diamonds


Diamonds for a Christmas to remember